The main processes of Sandblasting S.r.l. are:

Sandblasting and painting for new boats Tank coating
Boat hull cycle Refitting

The quality of the tank coating is critical because it is the only defense against corrosion.

The better the coating application process the longer the tank will last.

After preparing the surfaces by sandblasting with free silica-free aggregates, we create the internal lining of the tanks through the use of the most modern technologies and employing only highly specialized personnel.

The refitting procedure has the purpose of restoring the original conditions of the boat, especially in terms of comfort and safety.

It is a procedure aimed at restoring the external surfaces of a boat which have deteriorated due to passing of time, of the action of marine agents or of accidental damage.

The refitting procedure involves an initial preparation which is carried out by means of sandblasting, grinding and grinding.

Subsequently we intervene with the grouting and painting procedure according to the actual needs of the boat.